Why does this give me this output?

(Sorry I cant show the key)

The local script is for something else, its nothing to do with this!

Spelling Mistake, SetAysnc - > SetAsync

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Not a local script… so yeah its normal script

Omg i’m so dumb thx! Im literally done with the game


?? Why?

Data Stores have a limit to how fast you can read and write data.
It is Recommended to Save Data when a player leaves the game or when something important needs to be saved. If you are making the game that counts the amount of times you “click”, and saving it after, you will quickly exceed the limit of how writes you can do to that datastore (Which is the error).

So when do I write the SETASYNC?

You need to detach the clicking detector from the datastore script. Connect them using a NumberValue, The clicking script will update the number value with how many clicks were detected, When the player leaves, the Data store script will read that value and update the datastore.

Oh ok! I will try! Thank you dude !


The leaderborad dosent change :confused: