Why does this happen after death? (ViewModel)

(how i get the viewmodel in the camera)
how i handle after death viewmodel :

sorry if this lack context, i dont know the best way to handle viewmodel and especially viewmodel after death. please help me

Is your viewmodel root anchored?

It’s not anchored (the animation wont play after death btw)

I have a question, Does script in starterGUI run again after death?

yes, the script does run

why is it not anchored? the root of your viewmodel should be anchored if you are using it, right?
because if it is used and its primary part is not anchored, it still trys to fall down every second and that’s not good

I dont know why it doesnt fall down, It’s not anchored because if it’s anchored. The camera will be gtlichy everytime i move around (I removed can collide)