Why does this happen

robloxapp-20210321-1351441.wmv (599.2 KB)

Can someone tell me why that’s happening and I’ve replaced the part multiple times and the same thing happen with the replaced part. Also it’s a rig so they have joints and stuff which may be relevant to the problem.

Could you possibly provide screenshots or explain more in your post? Thanks.

I don’t think I need to add screenshots because the video explains it but as you can see in the video, when I move that part it moves all the things and the display surface. I don’t think that it has anything with the rig now because all the joint are connected to the centre part so that part wouldn’t really effect anything. I’ve try getting rid of the part causing the problem too instead of only trying to replace but the same thing happens with another part. thanks.

It could possibly be that the HRP your rig is parented to is Anchored or one of the parts in your animation space is Anchored. Also please upload files and pictures from your computer instead of providing links/downloads to them. There’s a lot of unknowns and risks with a platform like this and your more likely to receive help if people aren’t afraid of what your post could contain.

Oh ye sorry, I never thought of that, I will do screenshots and things but what do you mean by animation space, thanks.

I don’t want to download some video on my computer so could you just give us images because downlaoding something doesn’t seem safe


so this is normal
But this makes the things all move and stuff, if I try to replace or remove, it happens to another part, I thought it was bc it was something with the joints but all the joints are attach between the parts and the centre part which isn’t a rock.
screenshot 2

Hi, I founded out why this happen, you need to name your main part as the HumanoidRootPart.