Why Does This Rig Have So Many Vertices?

Hello everyone!! Hope you are having a great day

I have been trying to create AOT titans ever since the start of the year. But this one problem has always made me lose motivation, confuse me and make my love for blender decrease.

The problem is that whenever I go into edit mode in blender, my rig has so many faces, and I can’t add any loop cuts. Its so frustrating.

I have tried to download different rigs, look at different tutorials, try building my own rig. But the same thing happens, whenever I tried to make my own rig it would look VERY disproportional. This is what i’m talking about. And also im very new to modelling so I dont know if this is simple or not :sweat_smile:


I’m assuming that’s a R15 rig when I animate in blender I usually use R6 its a lot easier to animate with and it still looks smooth (Also instead of downloading rigs you can just export as Obj from Roblox and throw it into Blender)

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Hello! I have tried to export it from roblox studio and it still has the same result. Both R15 and R6 :sob:

I just tried it my self Idk what the problem is. you could try to subdivide?

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Aaahhh!! A bunch more vertices got added.

Select all the faces, Tris to Quads (Alt + J)


OMG TYSM!!! That worked! I cant thank you enough :DDD