Why does this script not work

  1. I need help in fixing this script that i just wrote (The top part). It should first hide the button and then show it when i press the play button

  1. I have tried many solutions on this but none of them work. For now, it only hides the button that im supposed to hide, but it won’t show it once i press the play button

You should be accessing the GUI via PlayerGui, not StarterGui.

Which script is this being contained within?
In the screenshot you’ve shown 3 scripts under the same name as “LocalScript” making it a little hard to understand where the error could be coming from.

Edit: Never mind, as @Emskipo pointed out, you shouldn’t be trying to change the GUI within the starterGui since it won’t effect the client unless its being run from the script within the clients gui.

Ohh ok thanks, now it works perfectly!

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