Why does this sphere eventually diverge from its path?

So my question is regarding physics. I’m applying Rot-Velocity to a hyper-smooth sphere with high polygons in a direction. At the start the sphere seems to follow the path pretty accurately, however; as the sphere slows, without any other script acting upon it (just roblox physics) it begins to diverge left before stopping.


Are you using a MeshPart or CSG sphere?

If you are, consider making it non-collidable and massless and weld it to an invisible sphere part for better rolling. The decomposition geometry on mesh parts and unions isn’t perfect so you often get ‘microbumps’ in the geometry which make perfect rolling nearly impossible.


Thank you, that was my issue. I wrongly presumed that a higher polygon sphere would roll smoother than the Roblox sphere. After swapping over to the default roblox primitive - runs smoothly. And straight, thanks for the quick and concise answer!