Why does this textlabel's text scale weirdly with billboard guis

Not sure why this happens, but is there a i can have it not do this and just stay the same size?

You should just be able to check off (meaning check mark it) TextScaled in the properties of the text label.

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with text scaled off, it does the same thing but even worse when you get up close

Can you show the size properties of the gui and its frame?

Everything should be Scale only, not offset.

Edit: nvm, it looks like offset is the way to go.


Ok for the BillboardGui, in the Size property you will want to use Offset instead of Scaled, this will keep the text the same size no matter how you zoom in our out. Keep your text label properties the same.

Did you try out my method? . . .

cant test it right now , but ill let you know later when i can

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