Why does top padding get bigger when i change uigridlayout cellsize y axis to use scale and not offset

I have a scrolling frame with a UIGridLayout in it. This is what it looks like when the cell size is {0.455, 0, 0, 100} on every device.

This is what it looks like when the cell size is {0.455, 0, 0.418, 0}.

I have no idea why it’s adding that padding on the top. In studio, the size is perfectly fine and it has no padding until I change resolution to a small device. I first thought it was because the images were getting smaller so the contentsize of the grid was changing, but it stays the exact same. The only solution to this is to set the contentsize to 100/parent.AbsoluteSize.X which removes the top padding but is no different than not using scale at all because then everything is 100px

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The size of the scrolling frame could be changing if it has been scaled on offset?

In the first example you use 100 pixels in the size, which will be constant no matter what screen you view it on.
However in the second example you use the size 0.418 scale, which would change depending on the screen size.

You can preview what it would look like on other devices using studio’s emulation tool.