Why doesn't .Draggable work on mobile?

I would assume it has something to do with mobile having multi finger touch capabilities but I’m not really sure how that would limit it

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The app can’t distinguish between the user wanting to drag the gui versus wanting to move the camera.

If it’s a larger transparent gui with draggable on true, that would be an easy way to make mobile players unable to move the camera without hassle.


I guess, like Starception said, because it can’t distinguish what the user is actually trying to do.

It is possible to make your own custom dragging functionality using UserInputService/ContextActionService (actually, I think you don’t event need to use those – you could just use the InputBegan/Changed/Ended signals on GUI objects).


The Draggable property has been deprecated, so it’s a good idea to make your own system instead as suggested above. If you’re not interested in remaking it yourself, here’s a script by TiffBlocks that should work on mobile:


I thought Draggable forced Active so it wouldn’t matter (and if I’m wrong about that, we can just as easily manually enable Active)