Why doesn't my animation work?

ok, this is an animation imported from blender, this is what the animation is MEANT to do:
this is what happens:
this is the script that loads the anim and plays it:

	Swing = script.Parent.Parent.Humanoid:WaitForChild("Animator"):LoadAnimation(script.Parent.Handle.Swing)
	script.Parent.Parent.Humanoid.Walkspeed = 0
-- sets walkspeed to 0 to allow the anim to play without disturbance
	script.Parent.Parent.Humanoid.WalkSpeed = 16
-- sets walkspeed back after anim duration
	script.Parent.Parent.Humanoid.WalkSpeed = 16
-- if the player decides to unequip the tool for whatever reason, speed is restored and anim is stopped

the script is a server script, placed under the tool
if you need more info please request it in the replies

Animations should be Local, not Server sided.

And also a small hack for you
This gets the length of how long the animation is in seconds, so you don’t have to always change you wait if you change your animation.

alright, thank you for the tip

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i don’t understand - but the animation works? did you even check the video i sent?

Sorry, I was looking at the axe, not the arm.
I thought the axe was the animation you were referring to.

I’ve never really animated tools before, but I think it might help if you look at this.

it’s through blender, if that helps