Why doesn't the object float on water?


I need help from more professional developers.
My problem is this: I have successfully constructed a boat, but it cannot float on the water. Its bottom is not flat and has a “spine” that flows into the rudder of the boat. When I lowered the boat down (from a certain height), it turned over. I decided to remove the keel, rudder and other devices at the bottom of the boat. But again I ran into a problem. The boat consisted entirely of smooth plastic, but half submerged under water. Please help me with this problem, thanks!

Lifeboat with smooth bottom:

Lifeboat with rudder:


This is a problem with the horrible water physics that lack control. I personally get what you’re going through.

Water physics applies an upwards force, and the bottom of the boat has a higher density than the top. Due to this, the lower density mass flips over because the water is applying a higher force on the bottom, while doing nothing to the top.

There’s many solutions to this, and all are hacks.

Try playing around with CustomPhysicalProperties, and adjusting things around with the assembly of the boat, and see if you can get it to work.

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Thank you very much for your answer, I will definitely try.

You’re welcome. I hope it works out for you. I have some other solutions if you’re still having trouble.

I will contact you if I am confused.

There may be a lot of possible solutions but here are some of my ideas that might be used/combined:

  1. make the upper part of the boat weightless
  2. lower the density of the upper part
  3. add a counterweight on the bottom of the boat

I will try. But anyways thank you!

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