Why doesnt this car work the way i want to?

I followed a Roblox tutorial and made a car but the car doesn’t work so I’m asking for people for help because I’m lazy

Here is my car
robloxapp-20210504-1711212.wmv (3.0 MB)

The tutorial: Building a Basic Car

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Did you followed all steps?

yes but the car acts a bit weird & I’m lazy BTW

I suggest not being lazy anymore (lol)

The way I mostly make cars is just by grabbing a free model, fixing all the errors in it and customizing the chassis.

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Can you fix this car i made and then send me your fixed version of this car to me please

Currently have no time to do that but as said above, try using a free model & learn from it. Remove any unnecessary scripts and try fix them I guess.

That’s the way I learned, I barely used any videos as I think they actually suck, some are unclear, etc.

Try to do what I said.

I’ve used that exact tutorial, and the issue is with the wheels. The tutorial makes you use cylinders, but it actually should be having you use balls. Balls help roll without that bouncing feeling. With this section, you should only be asking for help, not for someone to fix something for you. But lucky for you, here is a version I made a little while back for an old project that might work for you. When putting something as a body part, put it in a new group named “Body” in Base, and use WeldConstraints to connect everything to the Base part, and unanchor everything in the Body. If you have any further questions, DM me.

fixed-car-chassis.rbxm (45.4 KB)

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