Why don't we freak out about local animations?

For simplicity and convenience, it’s great that animations locally replicate automatically. This would be a little challenge to implement manually.

A lot of people like to keep a tight ship about never trusting the client. Though the player has ownership of local character models, and any networkownership parts to their name; it seems more so giving them as little as possible.

For this particular instance, I ask why there’s little if any concern over a user screwing around with local animations, custom, or otherwise. If hitboxes are enabled they can do all sorts of physics things. Perhaps dislocating the head to camera through walls. But, no concern, still?

you are asking why people dont want the client to control animatons ?

(but im pretty sure its impractical or impossible to do otherwise)

also i recommend that you try the coding help instead of the art help, because this “seems” to be a client server question… maybe ?

(the anwser to the question i think you are asking, is that you cant really control the client, and its more of not letting what ever mess they create on thier side, corrupt any other peoples stuff)