Why dose my game keep failing

Hey everyone, So i don’t know anymore why my game keeps failing I have updated it fixed a lot of bugs and made the game super fun to play but I just don’t understand why its still falling this is the link to it. Shove Showdown Roblox


Actually go into your game and play it with other people. Get their feedback while playing and you’ll learn things.
Don’t try to fix every complaint, but do it enough times to get a feel for what the most important issues are.

You said it keeps failing but you need to give us very specific details. Your idea of failing may mean you’ve gone from 500 players a month to 200. Others may think of failing as going from 20,000 players to 19,000 players. Other people might look at the amount of Robux they aren’t getting.

  • What’s the maximum number of players you’ve had playing at once? Has it dropped a lot?
  • How many players a month are you getting? Has that number dropped a month?
  • Are you advertising, and if so what do your ads look like?
  • 1: Your game was literally made 2 days ago, you cant really consider that your game has failed if it has been made this recently. Plus, there is no way every single mechanic is decently polished and… not free modeled I guess if the game is already ready for publication by 2 days, you may of been developing this game as a seperate game file which is a valid answer, but still it takes way more than 2 days for the roblox algorithm to pick up your game, that is intentional for the algorithm.

  • 2: Your game has had 703 visits, which is pretty good for a game made 2 days ago, usually it would be around 200 - 300 visits maybe

id recommend you try reasking this question in a week or 2, if the game’s player count is at a standstill.