Why i can't select "Move,Scale,Rotate" while playtesting?

it’s straightforward


You need to stop your Play Test first and then it should allow you to use the moving, scaling and rotating tools.

yes I know, but I need to use those tools while play testing :frowning:

In that case, if you go to File > Beta Features and then find the beta for Faster Play Solo and uncheck the beta for that feature, you should be prompted to restart your Studio which then should allow you to play test with the tools being usable. However, your loading times into the play test will decrease slightly as it is meant to improve the performance.


To add to this, a toggle to enable these tools together with Faster Play Solo is coming later:


It’s basically a new feature to decrease play test time by not loading a few things. You can disable this in Beta Features.

let me try your solution later when I’m using rstud

Have you tried restarting Studio and/or your computer? If that doesn’t work you could even try reinstalling Studio.

both on windows and Mac have this problem, even reinstalling won’t work. ill try @7valkio solution

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Thanks! it works

30 chaaarrrrrr

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