Why is blender doing this when I use Shade Smooth?

So I’m trying to smooth out this mesh but I get this hideous color separation down the middle.

When its shaded flat

Edit: Also when I imported it into roblox it looked the same.

Try beveling it then changing the amount of edges to like 5, you should have a smoother result.

This often happens when you try to shade smooth a very sharp edge.

To fix this, you can either bevel the edges like the post above me says, or do what I am going to show you below. (Which is better, as it adds less geometry than the other solution does)

Fixing smooth shading in Blender (2.9)

  • First you need to go into edit mode, by selecting your object and pressing TAB

  • Now, you need to make a Loop cut on the side where the shading issue is happening. You do this by pressing CTRL + R and then positioning the loopcut so it follows the line of the shading issue. Click on the mesh, and drag the Loop cut all the way to one of the sides, before clicking again. Below is an image of what it should look like when you are inserting a Loop cut. (Yellow line)

  • Repeat the process above one more time, but this time drag the Loop cut to the other side.

And that is it! You should now have a mesh that looks similar to this:

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