Why is it so hard to make a VIP door?

I’m making this build a boat game and I want to make a private vip building room that connects to the main river. There will be an invisible door that is always cancollide false for the boats and VIP members to pass through. But if a non vip player tries to pass the barrier then they are killed instead. Seems easy right? Wrong! I can’t seem to replicate that on my vip door, I tried using free models but they all are broken and none of them do what I want. Is there a script that does this? I don’t need it to prompt the player because I will have a vip teleporter that leads to the private room.

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If you making a VIP door, when a player touches the VIP door, check to see if the player has a VIP gamepass, or if they are your friends or something, check if there name is on the vip list.


local Friends = {Bob, Joe, Jim, Tim}


Why not just search on youtube or google for a good tutorial?

I can easily make a username door but the problem is that I’d have to keep updating the game every time someone buys the gamepass, I would have to keep adding new usernames to the script until it eventually becomes too crowded.

No i meant like if you dont have a VIP gamepass, and you want to make a VIP door for your friends or something. (use remote functions)

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Why would you have to keep adding the username ? Use marketplace service to check if they own the gamepass and then allow them through the door if they do.


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This is a gamepass, I’m trying to connect it to my gamepass to let in those who own it without killing them. But every single VIP door in the library is the same outdated T-Shirt system.

Hi there, there was a door recently on community resources.

Feature List

  • Aforementioned Tactics
  • Roblox Premium support (including PromptPurchase)
  • Game pass support (including PromptPurchase)
  • Group support, uses Extended Group Service by @NurZwanzigBuchstaben (up to date results)
  • Manual whitelist / blacklist
  • Customizable pop up (you can change the message or turn off the pop up entirely)


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Then do what @EquivocalCrow said

I’m going to try this, I’ll let you know if it worked or not.

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Is it possible to make it kill those who don’t own the gamepass without falsely killing the players who are VIP? Idk how to make mine do that.

So just check if the player that touched the part owns the VIP gamepass, then if they don’t kill them, if they do, set transparency of the door for them to 1, and don’t kill them

That’s what I’m trying to do but easier said than done. The vip door I tried this on thinks that my gamepass does not exist and it kills everyone.

I took a non gamepass owner door that works and put myself on the list just to demonstrate what I want to happen if it was an actual gamepass door. The brown part represents the raft, as you can see the raft will pass through because the invisible barrier is cancollide false. Let’s say that the red shirt guy owns the gamepass so he is able to safely pass through without dying. But the other player does not have the required gamepass so they are killed instead. This is what I’m trying to replicate but it has to detect if the player owns the gamepass.


Hi, you can make it teleport the users. It doesn’t kill them unless they own the VIP.

Just used a .Touched event in conjunction with the MarketplaceService. Specifically, UserOwnsGamepassAsync.

Detect when something hits the door. Check if it’s a player. Check if it has the game pass with MarketplaceService. If not, kill the player. Otherwise, teleport the player past the door. You’re going to want to make the door a few studs thick and teleport instead of setting its CanCollide as to prevent non-VIPs from entering while it’s set to non CanCollide.

If you want extra protection, you can use other countermeasures such as raycasting to check if the player is illegally inside of the door, or Magnitude checks to see if the player is not a VIP, and past the door.

Edit: Also, if you already have pre-existing code that you’re having trouble with, edit your post to include this so we can help you further.

If the VIP room is square then you can use workspace:FindPartsInRegion3() to prevent non-VIP players from entering the room. Otherwise, use this: Zone+ | Retrieving players within an area/zone

Simply respawn or teleport them to a location once they enter.

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Just Teleport the User and you sould be fine