Why is my Animation causing me to move into the ground?

Hey, I have a custom rig I’m using for my game and whenever I move the rig (Translating it) in the animation editor by even the smallest amounts. The animation producing in game becomes very extreme.

Observe, notice the position change

This is how its meant to look

This is how it is in game

I don’t do any modification to the animation in the script and frankly I doubt scripts are even a problem. Any ideas?

I think your issue can be solved with the HipHeight property inside of the custom characters humanoid. Make the hip height inside the humanoid bigger until the character is just above the ground.

Also, you may not have all the welds, joints, or whatever you are using to rig the character. Joints can be animated, welds cannot.

You think its a problem with joints?

Ill try testing with a dummy rig and see what happens then. Thanks for the input.
I dont think using hipheight is a very efficient use of my script performance to have it constantly change in random places. Seems like it could get messy fast.

After watching both the videos again, I don’t really understand what is going on. Is the animation for jumping off the ground?

Vid 1:

Vid 2:

Yes, the animation is to jump off the ground.

I don’t modify my jumps anywhere apart from jump power.
As you can see in the editor the rig barely moves away from its HRP but in the test the HRP moves drastically away and forces the rig into the ground despite its hip height.

I also did a test on a dummy R15 rig and it worked fine, so Im confused really.

I just compared rigs and I may have discovered the issue…

The motor connected to the root here isnt in the HRP, its in the lower torso but links the HRP to the LowerTorso…

My one however…

Ill run a test to see if this fixes it. Hopefully if it works I wont have to re rig the model again and have to redo ALL my animations for the third time…

Hope that works, but if not, I think you would need to make a custom jump system for this to work.

Hmm… No… doesnt seem to have changed anything… I guess it makes sense since the binded parts never changed… sigh