Why is my animation playing incorrectly?

I’ve made an animation that looks like this in the editor:

But when it’s played it looks like this:

How could I fix this?


i dont see the difference

maybe it got fixed

The arms are backwards when they should be in the air

its maybe because of your avatar

but i will figure out later

change into a default avatar with no accesory and stuff and see

if it didnt work then try restarting studio and be on the lastest update

if it didnt work then try recreating it and try restarting studio and be on the lastest update

Are you playing your animation while also having the default animations playing?

You may want to try to set the Animation Priority in the editor to an Action so it overrides the others.

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See if the animation priority is high enough so it does not collide with other animations, and you might want to try disabling the “AnimationWeightedBlendFix” setting under the “Workspace” service. Here’s a link to a post talking about the same thing: How to animate Tool Handles easily! (Specifically melees, unsure of guns) - #115 by Nilociety

If the animation was made on an R6 dummy then it will look weird when playing it on an R15.

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I updated my Tutorial in response to some new information I read, do not disable the WeightedAnimationBlendFix toggle! Roblox will force this by default soon when the patch is finalized.

Here is my OG post updated talking about this: