Why is my camera delayed or something?

this is only happening on my game and im not sure why, i have nothing thats messing with the cameras movement besides 2 things… and thoes dont happen during gameplay (only in the menu and in the start screen)

It only happens in my game and not any other roblox games so its not my mouse

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does it happen on an empty baseplate?

no its only on my game for some reason

is it like lag? (if you copy all your stuff to a new baseplate, does it happen?)

When did it start to do this (if it was after you added a certain object, that could be your problem)

if all else fails

im not sure when it happened… its only in my game and only (i tihnk) when i play in the actual roblox game, not studio

have you tried lowering your graphics settings?

i have a gaming pc… if my pc cant handle my game then i need to fix this issue

In order to do that… you gotta figure out the issue!!! :tada:

Time for trial and error!!

Time to mess around and find out!!!

(remember to save a copy of your game before you start messing around)

Try idk, deleting groups of things and see if performance improves.

my game has so many things…
i wish there was just a script screaming errors and then i could fix it but nope, no errors.

i dont wanna do allat

ok ok. What if you get rid of half your stuff? If it fixes the problem, the error is in the first half, if it doesn’t, the error is in the second half.

Grab that half of the stuff and put it in a new baseplate. If the error is still there, repeat the process, cutting down the pile by half each time

If the error isn’t there… Uhhh… dunno what else to tell you.