Why is my car chassis, veering to the right, every time I accelerate?

The issue is simple. I press the " w " key on my keyboard, and my chassis accelerates, and while I am holding " w " on my keyboard, the car starts veering to the right. Why is this happening?

Here is a video of what I mean:

Notice, how in the video, I only press " w ", and the car slowly turns to the right even though the wheels are all pointed in one direction… straight.

Here is the model, so you can see whats wrong with the chassis, and try to fix it:

Tested it:


Moved to the right

Switched the location of the driver seat from the left to the right


Turns to the left now


The players’ weight affects the cars.

Possible solution:

When the player enters the car, set massless to true, this will stop it from going to the right


Maybe something isnt anchored right or as the person above me said. It can be a weighting problem.

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That unfortunately does not fix my issue :frowning: . Am I not doing something right? I made the player massless when they enter the vehicle, but then the chassis still wants to turn / veer in random directions.

I would double check that every part is set to massless, including accessories. Iterate through the character using GetDescendants() and set every Part, BasePart and MeshPart to massless.

I did…

for i, v in pairs(script.Parent.Occupant.Parent:GetDescendants()) do			
	if v:IsA("Part") or v:IsA("BasePart") or v:IsA("MeshPart") or v:IsA("UnionOperation") then
		v.Massless = true