Why is my cloned frame not appearing?

No idea why its not showing, no error or nothing. Here are the images and code.

local ScrollingFrame = script.Parent
local ServerStorage = game:GetService(“ServerStorage”)
local Swords = ServerStorage:WaitForChild(“Swords”)
local Template = ScrollingFrame:WaitForChild(“Template”)
local defaultVal = 1200
local Template = ScrollingFrame:WaitForChild(“Template”)
print(“Template found:”, Template)

for _, sword in pairs(Swords:GetChildren()) do
local clonedTemplate = Template:Clone()
print(“Cloning template for sword:”, sword.Name)
clonedTemplate.Name = sword.Name
clonedTemplate.Parent = ScrollingFrame
clonedTemplate.Visible = true
clonedTemplate.SwordName.Text = sword.Name


Nvm fixed it by moving from serverStorage to replicated storage

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