Why is my emergency brake function not working?

My train system has an emergency brake function, so basically if it stops at a station, the brakes apply.
However it just stopped working, around the time I started building up my script, and there is no error?

local function emergencyBrake()
	targettedThrottle = 0
	targettedBrake = 0
	Velocity = 0
	RemoteClientEvent:FireServer("base", {action = "MovementUpdate", throttle = targettedThrottle, brake = targettedBrake})
	while eBrakeActive == true do


Can anyone please provide some insight into this?

Edit: Also even without the coroutine it doesn’t work :stuck_out_tongue:


Use print statements in each area to see what runs.

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Nothing prints for some reason…

Maybe call the emergency brake function when ebrakeactive changes.

Does emergency break ever get set to true?

It gets set to true when the train has stopped at a station

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Have you printed ebrakeactive to see if it actually changes when the trains stopped?

It just did that, it changes when the train stops

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The problem is that this is not wrapped in a whole true do. While loops stop and do not start again.

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Thanks a lot! It finally worked!


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