Why is my game getting almost no impressions?

I’ve recently published my game “fight gaem” and it’s barely being shown to people.

My games averaging around 30 impressions a day and most if not all are just from my friends.

like on roblox’s documentation on how games are shown to people it says a game needs good retention and engagement to be shown, but I have 20-30 minute playtimes and 100% 1 day retention?

The only thing I could think of is, I developed the game on my account then moved the game onto my group when I was ready to publish it, so maybe roblox is detecting it as a stolen game or something?


Roblox doesn’t automatically detect stolen games, to say the least.

As for your advertisements, you will need to review your current image for your advertisement, and ask yourself:

  • Does this advertisement’s content meet my target age group?
  • Does it show how engaging or fun my game is?

Feel free to ask Developers here to review your images for your advertisement, or even ask your friends.

Ads on Roblox shouldn’t be the only way you can get Players. You can try social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok, creating short video content to attract users.


Sorry for the confusion, but I’m not talking about ads I’m talking just about the game itself, and how it’s being shown by roblox’s discovery algorithm.

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Oh, that’s a fault on my end. I guess it’s because there are a lot more “fighting games” like these? Not sure.

You can try to get feedback on what makes this so different from other fighting games, and how you can improve.


As for games in general, try advertisements daily for ~1000 robux and ~5000-~15000 on release. Once you stop having 0 active players, retention rates and play times will play a role in competing with other similarly popular games.


If your game has only 30 players a day then it’s likely not ever going to be shown.
I’ve had a game that’s been popular with 1000s of players per day and I’m pretty sure it never came up as a recommended game (at least nobody ever told me it was…).
You’re competing with games that have 100,000+ players per day, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

As @concat_nate suggested, small runs of ads might be your best bet. Don’t be surprised if you get a CTR (click through ratio) of about 1.5% though, since there’s a lot of competition and most people don’t click an ad if it doesn’t look really interesting. But if you get lower numbers then consider that your ad might need to be improved.


Sorry for the late response, but my game wasn’t getting 30 players a day, it was getting 30 impressions a day, like being shown to people 30 times per day.
Before I made this post not even one person joined the game. (not counting my friends)

And I think you guys were right, advertising will be the best way to get players for my game, but I’m still wondering why was it getting so little impressions? like only 10 impressions in a day is kinda ridiculous for having really good engagement stats.

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Sorry to be blunt, but here’s what I see.

You’ve had 86 people play your game. Even if you get 30 impressions in a day you need to realize that there are millions of people playing Roblox every week, 30 is a very small percentage of that.

There’s very little in the description and the title probably won’t be any different from the millions of other games on the platform (I don’t know why you added Seamstress to the title, seems weird). This means that even if someone uses ‘fight game’ as a search term your game won’t come up as one of the search results (or it’ll be waaaay down the list).

The thumbnail of your game is just the map, and it looks like it’s from 2009. If you’re going for a blocky game type of vibe then that’s fine, but it doesn’t make me even want to click on it to see what the game is about.

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Can you please actually read what I said before replying?

I didn’t ask for a whole rant on why you don’t like my game, cause you aren’t the target audience.
Please if you have unasked for criticism at the very least keep it constructive and useful not just “i think this is weird”.

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I wasn’t ranting on your game, but the thing is you know what the game is about and want other people to play it. They have absolutely no information telling them it’s a great game that they should play.

Just by the looks of the game it doesn’t appear to be that interesting, so personally I wouldn’t play it. I’m just going with my gut instinct and thinking that other poeple will think similarly.

You have to make the images and description make people want to play it. You are basically advertising, so you have to do it very well for people to look at it and want to play it.

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He really isn’t ranting, he’s telling you about the reasons why he himself and other Roblox users wouldn’t click on your ads or think the game is engaging.

You should tell us how much Robux you put into these ads, as the amount of Robux you paid for an ad plays a big factor. The larger the payment back to Roblox for your ads, the more impressions.

Before you spend ANY huge amounts of money on ads, make sure your ad’s graphic design looks either pleasing to the eye, or funny, or whatever is catered to your target audience for your game.

If you cant get your game too popular, you can pull a stunt of sorts by creating a different game that would be more unique and popular and possibly use that to promote newer games. (Or older games, like this one)

You want to create a unique game as your first game related to your studio, and then you can create less unique games if you want to.

I would suggest keeping up the unique games instead of immediately lowering your standards to a less unique game, since that will still garner low player counts.

Creating at LEAST somewhat unique creations is very important.

I tried out the game, and it has nice UI, but it seems very based off of Deepwoken.

That’s really all I have to say,

Thank you for reading.

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thanks for the tips and feedback, but as i was saying before i’m not talking about ads im talking about roblox’s discovery algorithm

I am also talking about the discovery algorithm.

You need engagement, and you need it to look pleasing.
And as I said, the more Robux, the more impressions.
Make your game unique to maximize chances.

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