Why is my game getting disliked so much?

Now, I would like some general feedback on this game, but also an answer to why its getting disliked so much.

The game is designed as an competitive AFK game taking massive inspiration from The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe.

Now, about a month ago a group of 3-4 people made some major false accusations about me and posted them to TikTok, I won’t go into much detail about the videos, but the videos got over 150k total views and all the videos requested the viewer to dislike and report the game due to it apparently containing 18+ models, which it didn’t and still doesn’t, that’s just gross.
The game received approximately 5 dislikes from this. (~7 > ~12)

The same people then proceeded to make hacks for the game, which when I patched got the game disliked even more from the script kiddies getting mad that their cheats would get them banned instantly.
This got the game about 3 dislikes. (~14 > ~17)

Anyway, all that’s over for now and recently the game has just been getting multiple dislikes overnight, sitting at 31 dislikes as of now and I’m not too sure why.

You can try the game here, and I would really enjoy if you could give feedback on it and ideas to why its getting so many dislikes.

What could I add and why is it getting so many dislikes as of recently?

All of these cases are haters trying to stop your goals and dreams. Don’t let them ruin your experience. At worst, you get a bad first impression, but some people will still play and you’ll get likes from them if they like your game.


The terrible thing is, these 4 people who made the videos and hacks… I knew all of them. One of them used to be a developer for my group before he put a backdoor on the game I’m talking about.

And the others, used to be my friends at one point.

They started doing this becuase…

I refused to put an unpaid sponsor for their game in my game. Yep.

I just want to know where the recent dislikes are from, since the dislikes from the videos and hackers have died down.

When I get a chance to play the game I’ll see if there’s anything to improve. I’m on the go right now though.

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I played the game for a bit. I would recommend hiding other players while you are falling, since u can clearly notice the teleport loop because of it. The game itself becomes grindy after 1-2 rebirths, adding some rewards, such as pets, unlockables or anything else would make it way better. Theres basically nothing to entertain average player right now, most of the games are using “reset layers” to keep thier playerbase in thier game, they reset most of the progress, giving some crazy bonuses. Your game values doesn’t increment enough, I would say.


I checked it out and i liked it to give you some support, I hope that haters stop disliking your game, don’t let them stop you to get to your goals.


There is a toggle for other players visibility, and also the “infinite” aspect of the game isn’t much, its just a term to get players really.

That is the whole point.

I’ve gone against adding pets as there wouldn’t be any space for them.
However, the game does have its replacement in the form of trails, which are also unlockables.

This game is not targeted towards the average player, its targeted towards people who simply have too much time on their hands.

Again, the game is designed as an AFK game with a competitive aspect to it, and I mean, what are people going to expect when they join a game called “Fall Down an Endless Hole”?

My questions are:

  1. What were people going to expect when joining a game called “Fall down an endless hole”
  2. Why is it recently getting dislikes? The game was doing just fine before update 3.
    People are now disliking the game despite the fact it has more content now.