Why is my game getting disliked?

Here is my game:

It’s very new, but here are my observations of other players.

I see that some players do like the experience, because they say it in the chat.

It seems that it’s usually the players who do not chat who tend to dislike the game, so should I assume that they are young children playing it?

The players who do not talk, I’ve observed that they play the obby, and when they start struggling, they leave the game immediately.

Obby Battles is basically a round-based game where there are different types of obbies that are randomly chosen. Some obbies are easy, some obbies are hard, I do not want to choose easy obbies all the time. (There are also “powerups” in the game, hence why it has “Battles” in the name.)

I’ve thought of different solutions:

  • Have a voting system where if the map is hard, people can vote skip it (and maybe everyone is rewarded points?)
  • Have a “pro” version or “hard” version of the game that people can teleport to in the game.
  • Have all the obbies/maps relatively easy and don’t add any hard maps/obbies at all.

What do you guys think?

When people play and die a lot, they will probably rage and dislike your game as usual; don’t worry, these are false dislikes.

As already previously mentioned, dislikes on obby games often result from players constantly dying and then ragequitting the game. For some people, it is hard to blame themselves for their mistakes, so they blame the game itself instead.

I’m also looking forward to release my first obby sooner or later, and I’m prepared for those dislikes ‘formed out of anger’.

When you make an obby game you are bound to get dislikes so don’t let it bother you too much. If it’s round based, I think having a “vote for map” system would be nice. As for the maps I think you should have a mixture of hard and easy so it adds different sets of challenges making it more fun to play.

Things that usually lead to dislikes are

  • Players not understanding what is going on in the game, and leave possibly thinking the game is broken or impossible

  • The game is too hard / too grindy

  • There is a really annoying feature in the game that no one (or very few people) like.

I would assume that your game visually, doesn’t look the best, the trees hitboxes are messed up and so are the models for them, being really weirdly stretched.

The lobby is bland and flat, there really isn’t much you can do while you wait for the round to end as well, which if a player joins during a round, they could have to wait for up to 2 minutes for it to end, causing them to leave and dislike as they had nothing to do.

And… Wrap arounds! Those, too.
Mobile players tend to hate them, and don’t understand that you have to go around them.
They’re fun, especially when they’re 10 studs long, but they’re also really difficult and people who have never seen them would probably think they’re just a wall, and that there has to be a different path around it.

As for a fix to that, you should have some practice area in the lobby, where everything gets explained to the players, and have it also have a little obby for the players to use while they wait for the round to end.

You should also probably add map voting, with the end rewards being higher depending on the map difficulty.
Don’t just give people money for voting for a difficult map.

I also see the powerups being more annoying than cool, and the game really would just have everyone getting a single power up, the same way that most car games on roblox have everyone using the same cars, or with gun games where everyone uses the same guns.

Having the game be purely skill based would be much better, and would also allow for you to add different routes to the maps, where one is easy and the other requires use of roblox engine glitches or is generally a lot harder, but faster.

And then the gameplay, to say the least, is a little confusing at times, primarily with the hedge maze as it is unclear on where to go, as there is no exit. Also, why even have a hedge maze is you can just move your camera to a top-down view?

Anyway, the chances of the people disliking your game are probably children on their parents ipads or something.

But again, explaining some of the more difficult aspects of the game to new players is vital for them to keep playing your game, and for them to not dislike it.

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I think probably the best solution would be to add a “pro” version of the game, because I feel like a map voting system would not work as well since a lot of children will play the game, and they won’t like having hard maps put in, therefore they would vote for the easier maps and it would just make it constant easy maps put in. I’ll probably add it in still anyways, but I’ll be adding a pro version for way harder maps.

I’m deciding to add wrap arounds for the pro version. I’ll be removing them for the regular version.

The powerups was the reason why this game was made. So you could battle other players or get an advantage, like one powerup could give you speed or gravity so you can finish the obby faster.

Thank you for your criticism. I appreciate it and I will improve this game a lot more.