Why is my game getting dislikes?

My game Twin Universe Space Rocket Simulator has gotten a ton of hate for some reason it has a 65% ratio and i want to know what is wrong with it, please send me feedback on what i can improve thanks!

My game - Twin Universe Space Travel & Rocket Simulator - Roblox


The most common reason for dislikes appearing on your game is put simply people have played it and don’t like the game.

There really isn’t much you can do about people disapproving your game, as you are bound to find someone who does not like your game eventually.
The best way to solve this is to try and include community suggestions.

If your game is receiving a large influx of dislikes all of a sudden, it could be caused by someone using a program to bot the Like/Dislike ratio. (although this is very rare)


The dislike/like feature on Roblox isn’t great. If someone doesn’t like your game or if it is paid access and stuff, they will dislike it, sometimes they will even make bots to spam dislike it.

Basically, don’t really worry about the dislike-like ratio, it really isn’t great right now. But if the community around your game is constantly giving feedback, take it on board. If you don’t that will be the fall of your game.

Happy Developing! - Mash

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People usually dislike games because theyre young children that dont understand the game or think its funny to dislike it. as where my game on its original file has around a 65% too but thats most likely due to bugs and people not understanding how to fly

because the rocket flew to space without the pilot

What do you mean about that?
You have to use the proximity prompt

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do i have to press a button for the rocket to fly
also i dont see countdown
and so
when i jumped out, the rocket flew out to space

yes, however i am in the middle of a revamp and so after the revamp the player in the seat has control

I tried launching the first rocket, and the drawbridge retracted before I could in. I saw this happen to several other people. Needing to jump to get in isn’t intuitive either. Although I figured it out the second time, I saw 5 people stuck at the spawn who had no idea how to play. Those people were probably having a terrible time, and might be the sort of people leaving dislikes on your game.

While interaction can help strengthen the fantasy of your game, punishing people for getting it wrong probably isn’t the way to go if it wasn’t supposed to be a challenge. There are a couple ways you could fix this. Either remove the time limit and make the flights client side (assuming they’re not already), or teleport everyone into the rocket before launch.

People dislike games because they don’t like it, think it’s cheep, or it’s a kid that thinks he or she is funny

hehe don’t worry sorry if you misinterpreted my joke as a critique
Just a joke
the game has a nice concept
good job and good luck for the further development of this game