Why is my game getting so many dislikes?

I am making a strategy game called Pacific Warfare
I made a quick ad, but why is it getting so many dislikes???
I fixed the UI, and made a lot of optimization, game is fun but what is wrong?
The link is here.
Please help me, I really appreciate it.

I’ve noticed that your game does not have that many details or content.
Try adding new features that will engage your players.

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Did you play? It’s mainly a strategy game.

I didn’t really get to because singleplayer doesn’t work.

A) People dislike your game, they expect it to be something else (usually because of how you advertised it) but it turns out that isn’t true.
B) Dislike bots.

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I’m playing right now and it’s working fine.
Whats wrong?

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Maybe try to improve the UI please because it looks horrible right now. (No offense)


Okay. Thanks for the feedback!
What’s wrong with it?

I don’t think many people will enjoy just the main color being blue and some slight color differences. Most people like different colors that aren’t very colorful like black/grey for example. And try to utilize UICorners more often.

Also, please add like an info button or like a tutorial or something. Because when I join singleplayer, it’s really hard to understand what to do because I don’t even see my character and not seeing my character makes me very confused.

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So I should change the color and add a tutorial. Thanks!

  1. Your game requires a pair of players to begin, and in terms of active players it’s still in development.
  2. Probably your UI is not the best, I would recommend you to look through YouTube tutorials or another games to get some inspiration.

Good luck, I hope you improve!

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Thanks, although singleplayer exists…
Also I ca play with you, waiting in the lobby.

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