Why is my game not doing good


I’ll play your game & like it to help out somewhat.

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Here is some recent data (in the last week) across all 3 major platforms (Console, PC, Mobile):

I spent 4,500 R$ to get 1,793 + 3,194 + 1,569 = 6,556 visits. This was for one day (and a very competitive day at that). At an average play time of 8min/visit results in an average of 36.5 concurrent players. Extrapolating this data to 7,500 R$ results in an average of 60.7 concurrent users.

While there is no doubt Roblox’s ad/sponsor update has made advertising more difficult, it is still not impossible. This breaks even at 0.69 RPV, which is very doable. Built on top of good user retention, this easily scales to hundreds/thousands of CCU over time.

Can i know what’s the game you sponsored please ?