Why is my game not doing good

I been working on a game called " Ore SImulator " and i released it 3 days ago , For some odd reasons the game is not doing well i tried to do ads , good amount of ads ( 370k Robux ) and still i’m not getting any players ( from 50-100 concurrent players ) , Even though the like rate is pretty good the game is high quality everything works and many people enjoyed , So i’m here asking is it like an algorithm thing ? where at the first week your game won’t get that much of players till they review it ? because even in the creator dashboard there are few options missing here’s what i’m talking about
this is my new game

and this is my old one

i would love if someone could help
here’s the game link for anyone wanting to check it :


After 3 days it’s hard to tell. Try being a little more patient.
50-100 players concurrently in the first week is pretty good! I wouldn’t say “it’s not doing well”.

If people are playing it then it’s already been reviewed.

Also, I’ve heard a few people saying ads aren’t showing to players who are <13 years old.

I’ve run ads for just a few thousand R$ that were successful in getting me new players, but this was about 6 years ago. Ads are now definitely better quality than my less than artistic ones.

As far as your creator dashboard, they likely don’t update it immediately if you’ve just released the game. Again, try being more patient.

What’s the CTR of your ads?


You have created a great game. Oh, these smooth and neat animations, also the internal component of the game is at the highest level, everything works perfectly. There are several suggestions as to why the algorithms are not promoting your game properly yet:

  1. The place where it appears dark enough, the roblox contingent usually likes bright acidic colors. Everything is fine with the rest of the locations. The first impression is very important and it depends on whether a person will play for a long time or immediately leave.
  2. Constant clicking is a little tiring, so I consider it necessary to enter a free autoclicker. And as a gamepass, you can add an accelerated autoclicker. This approach is practiced for example in Minion Simulator

This is probably all the notes I have for this game


The CTR was 2.09% for my first ad
Second one was around 1.5%
Yes me too 100k ad got me 200 players in my old game " warriors army simulator "
Currently it barely get me 20 players
The impressions for my old game ad (50k Robux ) was 90 Million
The impressions my new game ad ( 100k ) it was just 6 Million that effects clicks too

I don’t think I’ve spent over 10k on an ad. But again, that was a few years ago.


Did you actually spend 370k robux so far on ads? If so was that all at once or over a period of time, either way to only get 16K visits from that isn’t great. With the ad changes making it so only users aged 13+ can see them, you have to consider ways to attract older players. One thing you could do is add specific benefits for premium users since they are usually slightly older, if you haven’t already.

Also maybe add a trailer to your game’s thumbnail and additional thumbnail images showing more aspects of the game. This will make people more likely to visit as they can see more of the game’s content before clicking the play button.

Other than that, it could just be that it’s new and will take some time to gain more traction. If you are doing ads I would recommend an even amount over the week (e.g 5k during weekdays and 10k during weekends). Eventually it will pay off.


What’s your average visit length for each device?

Looks like a pet simulator clone. Why should users play your game instead of pet simulator? What does your game offer that pet simulator doesn’t?

I think a lot of players are going to join, realize this is pretty much the same as pet simulator and then go play pet simulator instead. That is probably going to hurt your growth the most.

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for introducing a formulaic game into a congested market I’d consider 100 concurrent pretty good. IMO 3 days is too small of a time sample to judge if it’s a success or not. I know the anxiety of releasing something and monitoring the players/response to it non-stop for a while, it’s easy to think too critical of your work. 370k R$ is extremely aggressive for a new release, unless this is sprinkled about for a good month. After then I’d judge where/why players are leaving, look at things like playership by device, and playing your own game to the “average visit length” to see what may be the factor that makes peoples interest curving off them leaving.


How is it anywhere close to pet simulator ?

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This is the average visit length

People will come. Just be patient. With that amount of money used for ads, you are almost guaranteed a decent player count. On top of that, the more people that join, the more they will tell others about your game, and word will spread.

Yeah, what? Its a simulator about mining ores, not raising a pet army and force feeding them coins on the ground.


Gameplay is essentially the same. Only difference is that you are collecting ores instead of gold. You even have the same map and lobby layout.

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You can’t just throw ridiculous amounts of money at games and expect it to work.

A 2% CTR is very good, and people seem to play your game for a while. But I agree with the others, this game is very much so like pet simulator. Why should I spend time/money on your game (which has no userbase), compared to PSX? The most I’d do is have fun for a few minutes before leaving, never to return.

What is your retention? Did you test multiple ads/sponsorships against each other? Did you just run ads and not sponsors? We don’t have much information to go off of.

Ultimately, I would say it comes down to three things:

  • You tried to enter an already very saturated market with a game lacking any sort of niche. Nothing in your game stands out.
  • You don’t have much advertising experience. I personally tend to get about 50-200 concurrent players for every 5,000 - 10,000 Robux I spend (depending on the day of the week/year), I also don’t use Roblox as my only advertising market
  • You didn’t do extensive testing before fully launching your game (Obviously I don’t mean testing for bugs)

Based on data I’m seeing right now, my guess seems to line up. You lack user retention. I would run away from throwing more money into this.


Not every game with pets is a pet simulator, you get ores ij ur bag u sell em u get stronger bags , pets, pickaxes, you prestige , map layout isn’t a pet sim idea it was there since roblox existed

For ads it’s confirmed Roblox ruined it , plus for 100th time, it’s no where close or near pet simulator X the idea is different gameplay different, pets are different

Try now to do the 5k-10k ad and show me how u get 50-200 players

I spent 260k on sponsors , not all at once (10k,50k,100k,100k )
On ads ( 10k,100k )

Your game-- it might be getting (your worst fear of deving and everyones)… dislike bombs.To avoid is to promote more i guess. Or more fun.