Why is my game receiving so many dislikes?

Over the past few months, my game Treasure Hunt: Let’s Get Digging! has racked up a bunch of likes, but also a relatively high amount of dislikes too. The game’s like to dislike ratio has gradually gone down from around 80% to 66% now, with 95 likes and 47 dislikes. I know that if I don’t address the game’s issues, the ratio will continue to get worse. I just can’t figure out why people are disliking it. I’d appreciate if you guys played the game and gave some feedback on why people might dislike it. Perhaps there’s some game-breaking bug that I’m unaware of or something.



There are already so many topics about this so you need to read them, people are disliking your game because they don’t like it. Might be because it is boring, there aren’t any updates etc, but your first assumption would be it is being botted. It isn’t.

Sorry if this topic has been done before, but I’m looking for feedback that’s specific to my game, not just general reasons why games would be disliked. I don’t think my game is being botted, and I really would like some constructive criticism here.

Personally, I really like this game! It’s pretty good, I don’t see why you are getting these many dislikes, just keep up the good work, and maybe even try building a community for the game or a studio of some sort.


The presentation gives the sense of a boisterous, energetic adventure full of interesting things to find and do. And yet when one joins the game it’s extremely slow (tutorial, gameplay), repetitive, and the only things to dig up are coins and treasure chests (with nothing actually in the chests as far as I can tell).


I’d argue that there is more to the gameplay than you describe, but I can see what you’re talking about.

Bump. Does anyone else have any feedback? Perhaps some ideas on things the game needs to make people like it more?

honestly,i think it’s missing the Low-Poly style building.Every model seems to be very “basic”,Wich is something that doesn’t attract the attention and positive feedback from this type of game playerbase.Also,if the game ever switches to low-poly,make sure to fix the lighting aswell.

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I think the game is good, the only issue may be the rather basic UI in my opinion.

Regarding whether the game will continue to plummet in ratings, I do not see this as the only outcome. It is worth pointing out that the ratio of likes/dislikes needed is 4 likes for every dislike to maintain an 80% rating, while maintaining a 66% rating requires only two people to like it while one dislikes it. For only a 14% improvement, twice the people have to like it. Considering that you are getting mixed reviews on the DevForum, I think it is unlikely that the game will drop considerably in the future, and that the early success may be “luck of the draw” for people who liked this type of game.

As I said, I think the game is fine. Others have suggested good ideas.

Edit: It would also be worth looking at the Developer Stats page for the game. You could pinpoint when (if there was) a time when the ratings dropped fast or if it was more of a gradual shift.


Interesting. I’ll try to look into that.

Ah. Yeah, you’re probably right about this.

I’m just going to say it out right. This game is flawed.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see the effort put into this. You’ve made a relatively well-polished game (with a questionable UI, but still good looking). However, there are two major flaws; you’ve made your game completely luck based, meaning that it’s not really players’ skill level, but just luck, that wins them a match. The other thing that made me leave immediately was that there was no indication of valid digging spots. I get that UI markers can remove some of the challenges, but take Uncharted 4’s grappling hook as an example. Naughty Dog likes making their games not feel too video-gamey (I lack a better adjective), and when they implemented a grappling hook, they had no UI. People would spam grappling hooks in early testing, because there was no other way to find spots to rope to.

They just added a UI, and while it removed some of the difficulty, it made the game a lot less frustrating. When I played your game, I literally just tried digging everywhere because I had no idea where I had to go. Then I just left, because I was pretty sure I would never find anything.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve tried to alleviate these issues with updates I’ve been putting out, but I clearly need to make more reworks to the game.

In response to the feedback, I’ve added indicators to the game that show every valid digging spot. This should hopefully make the game less frustrating.