Why is my game unpopular?

Hello, I created a game similar to Tower of Hell by YXCeptional Studios “Tower of Bread” and it’s not doing as well as I expected. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, nothing looks out of place, it isn’t lagging and everything is well scripted.

The only issue that is coming to my mind that there isn’t really much stuff you can get without paying. (I’m planning to fix that soon) I even tried advertising it but it didn’t do well even with 0.9% CTR and now I’m out of funds. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.


The game is very similar to Tower of Hell. Too similar. It has the same concept and the same goal. This indirectly makes you a competitor of Tower of Hell. That game has 100,000 people always playing it, so you need to have distinction. People need to have a reason to pick your game, over Tower of Hell. This goes for any genre of games: Obbies, simulators, fighting games. They have to compete.

About the ad part, if I can ask; How much did you spend on the ads? And was the advertisement attractive?

As a recap, what does your game have, that other identical games don’t? What will make new players want to come back to play again?


Thanks for your feedback. For the ad, I spend exactly 800 robux and got 502 clicks with 0.7% CTR. I couldn’t afford to spend more on ads. I tried to make a meme ad I never had any experience with making ads before.


I would say this, make something original or have a twist on the game.


You need to make your game stand out much more, since it looks way too similar to Tower of Hell. How about making most of the platforms various pieces of bread (baguettes, croissants, bagels, etc.) and using a consistent color scheme (avoid rainbow color schemes, and use colors that are colors of the various kinds of breads).

When I heard “Tower of Bread”, what I have seen looks nothing like what I was expecting; I was expecting the whole place to be filled with bread and bread-like textures, and have a beige or brown colors surrounding the tower, not a rainbow-color map with a few places that look like bread.


You are right I never thought of that!

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ads are not necessary

To get a popular game you need to make nice Thumbnails and Game Icons too

This can be a bad example:

these its just a screenshot that looks boring

This can be a good Game icon:


The popular icons of popular games have icons that contains a text with the game name

the text needs to have adornees


I spend about 8 minutes making the game’s icon I should totally try to improve it and make it more catchy. Thanks for the feedback!


bring something different only that your game has

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Some notes about your game:

  • Thumbnails and icon are of low quality. Take a couple hours to learn how to use blender so you can create high quality thumbnails, icons and ads. You could just pay someone, but it’s cheaper to do it yourself.
  • The starting gui looks alright, but it’s a bad user experience because it’s a forced inconvenience that isn’t very important. Even if it was important, most will skip it anyway, and there are better ways to communicate with players such as in-world bilboards.
  • I overheard how much you spent on advertising. It wasn’t nearly enough. You need at least 5k for that kind of strategy to even have a chance. Some devs use social media without spending a single robuck on ads, but I’m not qualified to give advice on that.
  • The moving components seem to be laggy. Same with the color changing bread. Are you using the server to do these things? They should be exclusively client side if you want them to be smooth. ToH does this for a reason.
  • Most of the obstacles are not very creative. ToH has a much wider range of ideas.
  • Others have stressed that being similar to ToH is the most critical issue weighting your game down. There is a valid point there, but at the same time, successful games are designed the way they are for a reason. They tend to have good scripting practices, building, UI, thumbnails, etc. and implement these things in intelligent ways. It’s ok to copy things that work. We all do it to some degree. In fact, your game would greatly improve if it implemented some of the good scripting and design philosophy from ToH. Why? Because ToH is a high quality game.

Your game needs ads to takeoff unless a YouTuber plays it, or once again, a miracle happens. Effective ads are in the 5-digit robux range, from 10k and up. People wont just search up ‘Tower of Bread’ and find your game in the search tab.


In my honest opinion, the game is fun, but lacks much of a twist, just stages with bread on it. Thinking about other games that are similar, for this case I’ll use Parkour Tower. Parkour Tower is similar to Tower of Hell, and adds its own twist, (different gears, checkpoints, etc), which makes it unique. My suggestion would be to add something new, like items that could do things like switch up the stage, make the stage change to a different one, etc. I’d also suggest if you’re using bread as a theme, make the stages have bread as well, (like a flying bread that kills you if you touch it, etc), the stages seem like a normal stage, but a kill part thats just bread, or a normal stage with bread somewhere on it, or just a normal stage.

For advertising, I would suggest to attempt to attempt to get youtubers to check the game out.

Hope this feedback helps out, the game has lots of potential. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s way too similar to Tower of Hell. Why would people want to play a random one when they already play Tower of Hell?