Why is my game's description being censored?

After trying to update my game’s description for the first time in a few months, I was surprised to see that it didn’t have any spaces in between information, and a lot of words (including my own username) were changed into hashtags.

I’m assuming this is a bug because of how ridiculous it is:

p.s. why are trello links censored?

This is because of the new filter, it’s pretty strict and for some reason destroys formatting… Pretty annoying. For now, you’ll just have to try and change the description until it doesn’t get filtered.

I believe it has to do with them not being able to make sure the links don’t contain anything inappropriate (for some reason twitter is perfectly fine though?). I got a “Content Deleted” for posting a trello link in the description of my game before, so if you want to keep users up to date on development you’ll probably have to find another way. Or link it on twitter. :confused:

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anything that is censored put it here and it will possibly be eventually uncensored