Why is my gun twitching whenever I equip it?

What it looks like to other players:

What it looks like to the player that’s equipping the tool:

As you can see, the client has a smooth animation, and the server has a weird twitch to this. They are both the same priority (movement). How do I fix this? Or what’s wrong with it?


The most probable reason is that its because there is a too big ping difference between you and the other user or a problem with the animation itself.


Do you know how I can fix this? If not, then that’s okay, at least I know what could be wrong with my gun.

I have little to no experience with animations in roblox but maybe you should give a look at any corrupted or poorly writed script in the gun or the game.

Okay, thanks. I’ll try to look over my scripts to see if there’s anything messing up the animation.

@IiNaoriku Jespone's guide to animations Maybe this guide can help.

May rely on R15 or R6, try forcing the game to R15 if not R6. As said previously, I don’t have that much experience with animating either, but this may be an issue. If this issue still occurs I would recommend starting over on the animation and re-doing it. Doing so will be your best bet to fix this issue.

My guide is to get into 3D animation in Roblox, this is more a scripting thing I guess, check if you’re playing more than 1 animation at the same time, also check the animation priority is higher than idle.


Remember that each player has different ping , which means they will move slower or weirder on our screen while they move normally on their screen.
Also, to be sure that its not a scripting bug, as @Jespone said, make sure that the animation isn’t repeating.

Thanks. I removed the repeating of the animation, and it works.