Why is my map from studio different in blender?

Hi! Recently, I uploaded a story map to blender so I can improve on it.

But here’s the problem: Somehow my map is supposed to look like this:

Instead, it looks like this:

Is there any way to fix this issue?

maybe it’s inverted faces or the faces are hidden

How did you export the map? Is it possible that some parts were not selected for some reason?

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I didn’t leave any parts behind. I just grouped the entire map.

Maybe you locked some parts. Are they all unlocked?

All the parts in the model are unlocked.

This is very Normal Behaviour. The white stuff you see in the Studio are spotlights. The reflection on windows which we are able to see is also from studio. This stuff doesn’t replicate to blender as blender is different. It doesn’t know what a spotlight is or if there is a reflection texture on the windows. If you want to achieve the above effects Use Lamps and Reflective textures in Blender.