Why is my mesh changing shape when I make its parent a character model?

Basically I made a sword and was going to weld it to the character but when I went to weld it I put it in the npc holding it. (Its parent is now the npc) But then while its parent is the npc its shape changes from


anyone know why when ever I place the sword in a character the blade mesh changes like this?

Same issues.

A solution is in the works:

Basically, there’s not much you can do about it.


Oh okay so this is a bug being fixed? Thanks.

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Yes, the bug is being fixed.

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Regarding all the duplicate posts that @XAXA dug up, please make sure that you search and make sure a thread hasnt been created already before you post. :slight_smile:

If the issue is with the humanoid, just don’t the tool in the NPC model.

Make a folder in workspace called NPCProps or something like that and then in the folder add another folder for each NPC called (The NPC’s Name). Or you can just put the props directly into the folder and name them after the NPC. As you can see belew, I made a folder in workspace and added a folder for the NPC, with the props in it. Under the prop I added a WeldConstraint and it works perfectly.

Of course then you have to set the properties of the WeldConstraint. In case you don’t know how, simply set Part0 to the prop and then set Part1 to the hand of the NPC.

I hope I was able to help you! Your sword looks really nice, good job! :grinning: