Why is my Roblox Marketplace site look like this?

Hey there! I’m going to make it simple: my roblox marketplace site looks like this hot garbage:

How can I fix this issue? What I can tell you is the fact that I uploaded a NCS song and it got deleted, and for some reason it made my site look like this.

Please help me!

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CSS didn’t load in. Either something is blocking it or the site didn’t load in correctly.


I tried refreshing, and it wouldn’t work. Any solutions?

Don’t browse on IE7, use Edge instead for an updated browser experience.

Try turning off your browser extensions, That might work.

what website browser are you using?

I recommed you to clear your browser cookies & then log back into your account this should fix your issue.

he isn’t using Internet Explorer 7 and Edge, he’s using chrome (I took down the post for bypassing the minimum characters)

Try a hard refresh (CTRL+SHIFT+R)

Already tried, not working. Somehow hard-refreshing isn’t an option anymore.

What extensions are you using in chrome?

Here’s a list of them (some are actually not here because they may be irrelevant):
Emoji Keyboard - Joypixels (uh, sure)
Adblock for YouTube
Roblox Logo Changer (disabled already)
Windscribe VPN

I finally found out why; somehow, the “Roblox Logo Changer” extension was turned on even though it showed to be disabled. I have disabled it and it finally works! Thank you so much for trying to help though :smiley:

Man, that logo changer changed the logo for sure.

Do you have any speculations as to why it caused the issue?

I’m not really sure, it might have not found the logo and… have done something. I don’t program extensions, neither have I looked in the extension’s code, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t really a virus.

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