Why is my texture not working?

I have a furnace model that i imported as a FBX. In blender it looks like

But when i import it to studios it looks like
How can i make the texture’s work properly?

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What kind of texture are you using? Base color? If so, it shouldn’t work when you import it into roblox because it’s not counted as an actual texture, the base color data is only in blender itself.

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its a image texture in blender. (3 separate ones)

If you want to use base colors in roblox, you should just export the main furnace as it’s own part and from there, change the color in roblox.

Roblox does not support multiple materials on 1 mesh, unlike blender, if you want the textures to work you either have to bake the color texture into just 1 texture, or you could split up the mesh.

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Hmm, try to import the texture manually, thru here.

Hmm i tried baking the textures but i just cant get baking right. I there some other way to do it?

By changing a mesh’s vertex alpha outlines in a 3D modeling application, you can modify the border of the force field. The opacity is controlled with the alpha channel of the vertex color. 1 is no forced color and
around 0 is fully forced color.

uuuuuhm wat??? when i uploaded other mesh’s they where fine ._.


already tried that it didnt work

how about " If the texture is not inserted automatically, one can be applied to a MeshPart by setting its TextureID , either in Studio or at runtime through a script".

As @ItsNathanity stated, Studio does not support the usage of multiple materials on one mesh. Your best solution for getting several textures on one mesh is to place each image in its own section on a bigger UV map. For example: if every texture has a resolution of 512x512, then put them next to each other in a 2x2 grid on a UV map with a resolution of 1024x1024 (As a new separate image for one singular material). The UV islands can also be resized to 50% by scaling them down to the 2D cursor while you have snapping enabled. After that, you simply reposition them back to whichever texture they belong to. I hope my explanation was clear enough so you would end up with the result you’re looking for!

Sorry, accidentally replied to someone. I’ll repeat.

So if you use 3 separate textures in a mesh, does it work when you add 3 SurfaceAppearence and add 3 textures in each one of them? I think it might work In-Game.