Why is my tool not positioned correctly the first equip?

Currently when I equip my “spatula” the first time, the position will show incorrectly. But every time after I equip it after that, it shows correctly. I have no idea why, but i’m sure someone can point out the obvious to me here :joy:


Here is my code:

Tool = script.Parent
function posSword()
    Tool.Grip = CFrame.new(0,-1,0)
function onEquipped()

Alright, so before I give what should hopefully fix the issue, connect is deprecated, so use Connect
Alrighty, so on the tool property, set the tool grip to the grip you have in the script, 0,-1,0
Hope that works!


I would totally space something like that lol! Thanks :slight_smile:

Np! I am glad I was able to help. :slightly_smiling_face:
Take care!

To clarify, connect and Connect are the exact same thing and will continue to be the exact same thing: that’s never going to be the issue.

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I know, I was just told by someone that you should not use something that is deprecated, so I tought I should mention it. :wink: