Why Is My Tween Not Working

Hello, I am trying to make a knife that you can throw. Im having a issue where the cloned knife aint tweening to were the mouse clicked. Why is my tween not working? and what am i doing wrong to making a throwing knife like MM2

Can you show the code? Maybe a video…?

@Enchanted_Tix i swear i put it there but here it is

Before I say anything, when you played, have you checked the output ?

i do not know why the tween is not working, but i tell this to almost all of the tween problems i see, try using this plugin. it is like the animation editor for tween service.

Are you sure the variable “mousePos” is a CFrame and not position? Normally mouse position is a Vector3 (thus the property of the item is Position) unless you intentionally created a CFrame out of it before you fired the event.

I have no idea im new to mouse position it does say vector3 in output but also it says use coordinate something

Heres the output

You’ll need to do something like CFrame.new(mousePos) for that to work. That or change CFrame = mousePos to Position = mousePos.

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Yeah so the issue is exactly what I said. Change CFrame in your property table to Position

OMG THANKS SO MUCH! (dumb word limit)