Why is my ui breaking inside of scrollingframes when trying to scale them?

I’ve been trying to make a shop list using scrolling frames. But one issue that really annoys me is that every time I try to scale a ui asset (such as a frame, a button, etc) the whole asset breaks.

How would I scale these ui assets without breaking the asset?

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Maybe try using a AutoScale GUI of some sort?

You should try making the frame the size you want first, then add it to the ScrollingFrame.
Reply if it worked or not.

I actually did that and then all the ui got stretched out.

When you scale the frame, copy the size. Then put it in the ScrollingFrame, then paste the size into the frame.

Oh I did not try that at all. Let me give it a try.

I’m pretty sure that’ll work. (dontmindthis)

Just tried it and that did not help at all. It still stretches the ui out.

I’ll try to figure out how to solve this in studio. It’ll take a while, but when I’m done I will mention you.

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@Dogcraft_01 I found a solution.

You scale the frame in the ScrollingFrame, then just position the frame to where you want it.
Because it changes the position you have to position it again.

Found another issue and that is sometimes while scaling the asset, it changes the entire size. Even when moving it around.

What do you mean by that? Could you show a clip?

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Can you tell me how to record Roblox Studio please? I don’t know how to.

Oh, I use OBS. Here’s the website for it: https://obsproject.com/

Ok thanks, but theres a shortcut to record studio using its built in recorder. but i forgot the shortcut. Let me record a clip, itll take a bit.

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@Dogcraft_01 Ok, I got the clip.

It wont let me upload it. :frowning:

That’s most likely because your settings are set so the video file is an mkv instead of an mp4.