Why is my union invisible?

I recently re-visited my place to continue development when I realised my sea wall had disappeared (gone invisible).
The seawall still shows in the properties window and is still movable using the move tools but its completely invisible.

The red paint represents where my two unions (The sea wall) were merged.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. :+1:

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This visual bug usually happens when your game has way too many unions causing errors to occur within rendering which makes your unions not show up

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The sea wall is a mesh part and the other highlighted area is a ordinary part. I have no more unions in the game other than this one.

does the mesh have a lot of vertexes?

It does yes, this is what it originally looked like before it had disappeared,

Its the only photograph I have.

try putting that mesh into 2-3 parts and see if it fixes the problem

Nothing append, however when I tried to union the wall with another union that I just inserted this error appeared.

That error usually occurs when a union is inside one another

I don’t really get what you mean.

It’s best to use unions as little as possible, especially in such large sizes. It causes rending and physic errors. Parts are much better when compared to unions.

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Is there anyway to get my wall back though?

I’ve had the same problem and made a post about it.

I recommend checking out this post: How to recover invisible / corrupt unions

I’d just avoid using unions if you can.

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Thank you for the support, I had not realised there were previous threads regarding the issue.

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