Why is nobody applying? (Question()

So sorry if this is in the wrong category, I didn’t really know where to put this.
Also I’m not demanding people to apply I just want to know the reasons why people do not wish to work on the project.

So recently I made this post: Looking For A Scripting Partner in The Oceania Region. (Australia/New Zealand)

I want to know possibly why people are not applying, and ways I can encourage people to apply even more. I have had this project in my mind for ages, and I’m so desperate to begin but I don’t know much scripting at all, there for I can’t start the project until I have a scripter.

Also, are there any good ways I can learn scripting? As my attention span is pretty slim to the recourses I have tried before, are there any videos or sites that can help me learn Lua for Roblox?

Again, sorry if this is in the wrong category, I didn’t know where to put it.

I am in australia but my skills don’t match your requirements so i didn’y apply. other people could’ve been in my position (not meet req)

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Do you mean here:
I do want somebody capable of making GUIs, custom NPCs, Shops, Custom Tools, Some Custom Admin Commands, etc. When applying you will need to show examples of your previous work. (You don’t need a portfolio)

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Do you think my requirements were too harsh? @dibblydubblydoo

Yes, i meant that bit, and no if your game needs the requirements, then it wasn’t harsh.

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The payment is a major red flag for a lot of people. Usually people like being paid up front or have some sort of guaranteed payment that doesn’t involve luck such as if the game flops or not.


Payment and timezones. Most developers on the platform are from the Americas or from Europe. Payment is also bad as well

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