Why is "PivotTo" not moving the whole model?

I encountered a wonky issue that is throwing me off completely, I have some parts generated on server to make walls and when I try to pivot decorative wall models on the client to the server parts it just does not want to work

Here it is in the live game:

Here is the model:

function Decore:DecorateWall(WallType: string, _Wall: BasePart)
	local Biome = _Wall:GetAttribute("Biome")
	local BiomeDecore = ReplicatedStorage.Assets:FindFirstChild(Biome, true)
	local WallDecore = BiomeDecore:FindFirstChild("WallDecore", true)

	local Wall = WallDecore.Wall:Clone() :: Model
	_Wall.Transparency = 0.5 -- Server Placement Wall 
	Wall.Parent = workspace
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