Why is roblox.com not allowed on the Talent Hub?

I came to my Talent Hub profile and found out it “Has been removed for redirecting to a a third party”. I tried looking at the list of permited links and didn’t find any third party link on my profile that broke the rules, until I noticed this:


Why aren’t this links allowed? I’ve contributed to a ton of games, and I listed its respective links under each Talent Hub “experience” section. That was triggering the “Acknowldge the Terms” prompt and I just don’t understand why.


The ROBLOX website is not associated with the Talent Hub. DevForum links should be allowed.

To proxy this, you can use a Roblox link in the DevForum, but in the Talent Hub send a link to the DevForum.

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Boosting this. It’d be great to be able to link to groups and games to give credibility to job postings.

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