Why is spoonfeeding not allowed?

It’s when you give someone the answer rather than explaining it. For example, giving someone a brick of unexplained code in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support instead of helping fix their old code or explain what the issues were.


If someone wants to be spoonfeeded they should hire someone to do it for them. Spoonfeeding someone takes to much time and doesn’t help OP either. The Scripting Support category is for helping not giving you code, if someone wanted code they hire programmers for there game. Basically there’s a line between asking help and asking for scripts.

Okay, but why do moderation actions have to be applied to forum accounts for asking to be spoonfed?

Because the purpose of those parts of the forum is to help people grow, not to have them build a reliance on the forum.


But new people don’t always know that things such as this aren’t allowed on here, and that’s we should just give them a reminder that support categories are not for spoonfeeding, and not just straight out apply moderation actions to the users.

I would argue that spoon feeding goes against the rule that every reply should be meaningful and contributive. You don’t contribute if you just paste a wall of code without explaining, neither is it meaningful

Good point. That’s why people are told it’s not allowed when they do it. Not everything is in the rules, although spoonfeeding should be added as specifically against them.

Feedback does not have a permanent effect on your account. It is just a reminder about support categories.


As Incapaz sometimes stated, once you pass 10 warning messages you cannot get auto-promoted to Regular. So they are moderation actions.

Nobody can get auto-promoted to Regular right now. For all we know, the promotion criteria could be completely different when they come out with PAs replacement. Regardless, feedback is just that—feedback. Ten warning messages is different from just getting one; don’t repeat the same mistakes and you won’t have any issues.

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You still have a chance tho, it isn’t a moderation action in the sense that it punishes you greatly. A strike is a moderation action, and I doubt someone won’t learn the first 9 times.

It generally isn’t as easy as “just follow the rules and you won’t get warnings”. I try as hard as I can to not get any warning, yet the forum has too many rules, some of them are kinda unique to this forum, such as the spoonfeeding one.

Just because you might not be fully capable of following them all doesn’t mean that everyone else is incapable as well, it’s really easy to follow rules.

The title of your post is like asking “Why is spamming not allowed?” and the answer is pretty obvious…

Spoon feeding information in any scenario is not good. A simple google search can answer your question.


A simple google search does not output blocks of code that were personalized to your needs.

I’m referring to your question.

Also, there is something wrong with this. This is not how people learn. People need to learn concepts and figure out how to apply them. If all of our problems could be answered with a google search, then what’s the point of school and working? We’d be in a perfect world.

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If your teacher gave you the answers to every classwork assignment, would you be learning anything?
Let me rephrase that.

Your teacher gives you an assignment. You don’t know the answer or how to solve it, and ask for help. She just gives you the answer. Is that helpful?


Then that’s a problem instead of us learning how to script we are learning how to memorize a script that’s if, you can’t personalize a script for your needs.

That’s not the problem here. If you asked a teacher for help, would they give you detention?
I am curious about why asking to be spoonfed is an instant moderation action.

Because Devforum is not school. When you go to school your teachers are getting paid, here in Devforum no one is getting paid to help.