Why is studio running extremely slow?

Hey there! I am having a problem with studio, where it only runs at around 20/30 fps. The weird part is, is that when I move the studio window to my 2nd monitor, it runs at around 500 fps.

My specs are:
AMD Ryzen 5 5600x
RTX 3060 Ti

Does anyone know what is going on, and if there’s a potential fix? I’ll gladly provide more information if you need it.


That’s quite an interesting issue!
One question, are you using an FPS unlocker??
You might have adjusted to it, so Studio feels slow.
It also might something to do with the settings of your monitor.
I know that I can set up my monitor, to save battery or playing a game.
Finally check settings of Studio or something. Maybe there is something with FPS, I doupt tho.

I do use an FPS unlocker. I have my studio FPS in the lower left side of studio, and it clearly says 30.
Another weird thing is, is that studio usually runs at 75 on my main monitor, which is fine, but as soon as i open any other window, like the toolbox or the animation editor, it goes down to 30.
This still only happens on my main monitor, on my second it doesn’t.

Hmm, it’s either a bug or a error on your monitor.
Because it only happens on your main monitor I would asume it’s an error only on your device.

Another question, is your monitor powerfull in general? What is it’s maximal FPS capacibility???

It’s not the most powerful monitor. It’s a 2560x1440 and has 75hz. I’ve tried a bunch of things to try and fix the issue, but none seem to work. I’ve tried turning off g-sync, lowering the refresh rate, lowering the resolution, but nothing worked.

I just realized that in the past I had issues with low FPS on my studio…

Hmm, maybe it’s a visuallity.
You know that once UI is being opened Studio squashes the window of the game.
I think this might even be a reason! By squashing the window Studio aswell might be squashing it’s FPS because it thinks that the window got smaller.

Your second monitor might be sending signals to Studio that the window was made smaller so Studio won’t squash it.

These are all speculations, but it makes a little bit of sence to me tbh.

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Just try reinstalling studio. Maybe you have some laggy plugins, but I don’t know the real reason. Do you have updated nvidia graphics drivers?

I have tried reinstalling studio plenty of times, and I am currently only using 1 plugin, which isn’t the problem. My drivers are up to date.

That would actually make a lot of sense! If this is the issue, I hope they can/will fix it.

This has happened to me in experience.

When I enter any game my fps goes up to 30 for no reason.

So I tried something, and it’s fixed now? I put my resolution to one of the lowest, I opened studio, put it back to normal, and it seems to have worked somehow! Thanks for the help!

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The same problem appeared to me as well like 6 months ago, and nothing really helps, i have good pc, 10 months ago the studio was running perfectly without lags. Probably Studio engine problem

Maybe try this, it helped me.

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