Why is text on textlabel so ridiculously small?

I have the text on scaled, but this is as big as it goes, no matter how big I make the textlabel size.

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I think the only way to fix this is by disabling TextScaled and then change the Text Size.

Nope, this is the max size and it doesn’t matter how high I make the text size.

This probably isn’t related to your issue but certain fonts have different sizes though they can be scaled or set to a certain size, some appear larger and smaller than others. Can you show us your current setup and properties?

I had to turn on rich text. . . . .

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This however will make the text blurry.

okay. I don’t mind. . . . . . . … . . .

Do you perhaps know why is that happening? I always wondered why text is blurry when RichText is enabled.

It’s most likely because the text is being scaled to a scale not supported usually, which is why the scale wasn’t going any larger when the other settings were being applied. RIchText probably bypasses the scale limit making the quality decrease.

This is likely because when scaling a text past it’s biggest size, the text must upscale giving a blurry effect.

How? Take look at this example where text size is under 100. The small text in RichText enabled example is more blurry than the bigger text.


Rich Text uses different fonts to non-rich-text I believe.

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i wasnt sure, i never said it did

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Maybe because the text scale is already 100 pixels big. You should change the Sizing in the SurfaceGui.