Why is the bloom on my game so bright?

So I tried applying a fake skybox in my game using an inverse sphere. But everytime I applied it the skybox will bloom like really bright and yeah it’s so bright. Any possible ways to make it less brighter without decreasing my game lightning because it’s gonna ruin the game.

May I view some images? It’s really hard to tell what is going on without actually seeing it.

If you could attach some images with it, its quite hard to help without any images of whats in the studio and the settings etc.

I can’t create a good fake skybox if high bloom like that exists. Trying to find another good sky that doesn’t bloom as much. I won’t change the lightning settings because it would mess the game graphics. Also using an inverse sphere for the fake skybox.

try change the bright of this:

I did and it’s currently on 0.1 but doesn’t really makes much difference and still has the same bloom.
Edit: Nvm I was tripping it worked thanks!

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no problem, if the issue is fine now so mark this post as solved. :slight_smile:

Bad thing is it’s kinda dark. Should I go for 0.03?

if that dark just change the settings of that

Alright. Thank you dude! Have a nice day! :smiley:

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