Why is the lighting not loading far away? How do I fix it?

I am making a realistic (as I can) adventure game, and I have a large dark pit/box with a dimly lit pathway above. The problem is, the bottom of this pit is not dark, and only appears dark when I go closer. It seems like the lighting is not loading because it is too far away. How do I make it dark?

Later on, I am planning to add things like pipes and machines at the bottom of the pit, with a little bit of lighting in certain places. Will adding these make it load (because there would be something other than just a blank pit for it to render)?

Here is the game link: Hexagon Labs - Roblox

lmk if you need more pics

If you play the game: its very much a WIP so dont mind if stuff is bad (pretty much everything is a placeholder of some sort. Be sure to wait for the cave to load, other-wise you will see a blank cliff

EDIT: Now I realize it is kind of hard to see in the original picture, but pretty much it acts as if it were in broad daylight at the bottom of this big underground room.

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What are your graphics settings?

Are you using atmosphere or fog?

They are set at automatic. It also happens in the roblox app, where it is set to manual 8/10. It also happens on my pc, which has graphics at 15 or so in studio.

I am not 100% sure what you mean, but I have and atmosphere instance in lighting that I am using for haze and stuff. I also have color correction, depth of field, bloom, sun rays, and sky.

Have you tried setting specular/diffuse both to 1, and ambient colors to 0,0,0?

They are set to that. The only thing I have changed in actual lighting properties (not an instance inside of it) is the shadow technology and the top color. They didn’t make any difference, as the problem started happening before I changed them.